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This lazy blogger has been meaning to share a delicious Christmas cookie recipe pulled from always-inspiring pages of Chatelaine magazine.   The combination of chocolate chunks and ginger is sheer yuletide magic and my Christmas party guests gobbled them up almost as fast at the potent Jack Daniel’s punch. (Recipe note: Be sure not to overbake the cookies. The descripton, “bake until golden” confused me. I’d say “bake until the cookies go a shade lighter, and slightly golden.” Or just stick to the cooking time prescribed versus judging by colour. I spoiled a batch projecting my own idea of golden, which is darker and deeper than Chatelaine’s idea. Or maybe I’m just colour blind.  Though the white sugar coating added a festive flare to the cookie, I’m not sure it was necessary. Not adding it will give the cookies a more classic chocolate chip cookie vibe that you can make year-round.  Next time I try a batch without. But either way, this cookie recipe is a must-make, even for those of you who, like me, detest gingerbread cookies.)