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Kids like meatballs, at least mine does. This simple yet unique recipe gives them a more grown up, healthy spin.  It’s made with turkey, so it’s low fat. Carrots and spinach provide crucial veggie content. Instead of as a soup – as written by Deb Perleman of Smitten Kitchen –  I use it virtually unchanged, as a pasta sauce. Both are great.   I make extra meatballs and freeze them for a quick snack or dinner later.

Carrot Meatball Soup





With the baby due any day now (for anyone who didn’t know, I’m 38 weeks pregnant) I’m obsessed with nursery decor.  My most recent passion? Mobiles. I want one. Actually, I want to make one, but am not sure how to go about doing it.

I’ve been scouring the net for inspiration. I want something bold and sculptural; eye candy for the baby but also fetching room decor in its own right.  I love the Calderesque look, but sharp metal pieces hanging over a baby’s head seems like a bad idea.

Here’s a couple mobiles I really dig.


Exotic animals are boy-friendly and not too cutesy (unlike the numerous butterflies and birdies you see everywhere.)

Made with leather, this abstract mobile from Etsy is eye candy for grown ups. But will a baby dig it too?