In France this summer I learned many things about the FC. For example; he’s not afraid of heights, he has his mother’s eyes, and he sometimes disappears without telling me where he’s going. I also found out that, when he was little, his friends used to call him  The Little Prince,  because of his blonde curly hair and prince-like willfulness. But I think it’s more than that.  Like the character in Antoine de Saint Exupery’s classic book, when it comes to love, the FC sees with his heart, unlike me, who sees too much with my mind.




"One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes." Antoine de Saint Exupery.


I think it might be time for me to re-read the book.  In French!

3 Responses to “The FC vs The Little Prince”

  1. Mao Says:

    Hi Laura,

    Actually, the Petit prince nickname just appeared 2-3 years ago…and is refering to the “grognon” part of the FC…
    Which means, he doesn’t like when we don’t do what he wants to do…
    (For instance… Max thought there wasn’t enough wind to go kite surfing… but petit prince wanted to go… so they spent 4 hours on the water, desperately waiting for some wind so that the FC could fly… but it never happened… so they came back home… and the FC kept being grognon as he was unhappy his plan didn’t go as planned… I think that was the beginning of the petit prince story… but I’ll get Max to confirm) :o)

  2. laura Says:

    Really Marie-Anne? That was the story? Guess I was “hearing” with my heart then (another ingredient in the recipe for love.)

    Yesterday the FC showed me a school picture yesterday and he was very Little Prince-like; so small, and his hair was white blonde.

    As for his petulance when he doesn’t get his own way? I can be the same way, so I think we cancel each other out. Either way, what drew me to the FC was his sense of entitlement, he felt he deserved certain things, and I respected that. He’s most definitely The Little Prince to me.

  3. MiniMax Says:

    Mao you’re right. This is the truth regarding the origin of « Little Prince ». But the good news is, this personality of the FC encourages doing new stuff instead of lying in front of our computer during holidays!!! hehe =)

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