Forget Oprah! I’m taking my food and fashion cues from Celia.  I found her blog (Life According To Celia)  while looking for coq au vin recipes and was instantly charmed by her blog aesthetic. There’s a quirky innocence in her writing and her sense of style is impeccable.  Celia wears vintage slips around the house and writes letters to pretty dresses (see Dear Nantucket Dress). With short black hair and big eyes, she’s a North American “Amelie.”  Even her job (a homemade lunch delivery service called The Lunch Lady) feels like a character detail plucked from a charming indie film.  Basically, you just want to live in her world.  Sure, it’s still aspirational blogging (with consumer links to stores and products)  but, in Celia’s hands, what you’re aspiring to just feels so right, so pure…   She also features mouth-watering must-try recipes (see Sunday Recipe) and I plan on trying out a few for upcoming posts.


Even more precious and perfect, Celia also snagged a very handsome dark-haired hottie whom she refers to simply as “Mister.” Her blog is covering their impending wedding, which I’m sure will be picture perfect.


A chef of her own life, Celia knows how to make everyday life beautiful and special and rare.


What man wouldn’t want to be a part of her world?

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  1. FC Says:

    I’m looking for Photo lesson… when i see Celia’s blog i can see, i’m still far from the perfection !
    I just bought a tripod so you should see an increase of pictures quality soon

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