Whenever I see a girl in a skirt, I take notice. Whenever I wear a skirt, I feel extraordinary, original, bold, and also a little out of control — my body pulsing with strange feminine powers.  Skirts are risky. Complex.  Gender specific. They say I’m a girl, and I’m okay with that. Put on a skirt and your estrogen levels instantly skyrocket.  If you’re trying to crack the recipe for love, or at least, the recipe for desire, skirts are recommended since most boys prefer girls in skirts. Unfortunately most girls prefer their three year old Club Monaco jeans with the hole in the crotch. This has to change! Now! (On my deathbed, I don’t want to say, wistfully, “I wish I’d worn more skirts.” What if I’m reincarnated as a man?)


With skirts on my mind, I felt it was rather serendipitous to stumble upon a Facebook Group for a Montreal creation known as The Snowskirt!   Warm and cozy, these snazzy quilted wrap-arounds mean you can no longer say “it’s too cold” as an excuse not to wear a skirt.  


I’m going to the movies tonight, and, as God is my witness, I’ll be wearing a skirt.



This is called "The Apres Ski Skirt." Adorable, no? Snowskirts are co-designed by Lienne, a screenwriting colleague of mine with a flare for multi-tasking. She's giving me a personal fitting next week. Hello skirts!

3 Responses to “Wear a skirt”

  1. laura Says:

    The skirt challenge was tricky, and it took me over an hour to get ready. Skirts require more thought. Leggings, shoes, even the choice of jacket seemed harder than with a pair of jeans. Then the ivory thigh-high pull-up stockings I chose to go with the skirt started falling down and I had to keep hiking up my skirt to adjust them, which the FC found sexy, as did many other male passers-by on the street, so I guess it was an overall success.

  2. Lienne Says:

    I love your blog, Laura. Talk about being talented at multi-tasking! Also, your ivory pull up stockings have inspired me to be more ladlylike (or at least to try).

  3. Angela Says:

    LOVE this!!!! Soooo true!

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