When my friend’s boyfriend Noah read the blog (see Love: A Dinner Story) he had a spin off idea, (cooch definition.)

Noah is obviously referring to his lady’s desire for a clean house.  And he’s not alone. Lots of women want their men to be tidy. They’ll complain, criticize, they’ll even hold out on the coochie for it. Cleaning is sexual currency. A quick mop of the floor or a scrub of the dinner dishes buys hours of coochie time in the bedroom later.

With the FC, I’m pretty easygoing about his housecleaning (or lack thereof) mostly because he has other important qualities (like a valid driver’s license, an uncanny ability to unclog toilet bowls and excellent communication skills.) Sure, sometimes I’ll wig out when he leaves his dirty clothes on the floor or fails to unload the dishwasher, but I certainly wouldn’t hold out on the coochie for it. (Yet.)

So if the FC made a spin-off blog it would have to be called, because I’ll do pretty much anything for a lift to the airport.


(Pictured above: Noah scrubs for the love, while his lady, Eilidh, nurses a Cosmo.)

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