Origins Of Cooking for Cock


Eight months ago I met a sweet French boy (also known as the French Cutiepie) at a party and we sparked. He looked like Michelangelo’s Statue of David, with a straight Roman nose, curly blonde locks and big blue eyes. But unlike the statue, he wasn’t made of stone. He was warm and funny and we danced until dawn.



Despite our language difference (and it was big) it was like he instantly understood me; my quirks, my fears, my need for control… and he liked it. With determination and humour he charged through every obstacle I put in his way. He said “what we ‘ave eez rare” and that “we are lucky.”


In the first few weeks of us dating, I found myself cooking for him more and more. It just seemed so natural and cozy and perfect. He loved my food, I loved his adorable French accent. I was also taking time off from my screenwriting career and cooking was a natural way for me to exercise my creativity without the stress (and with much more satisfying results.)


Each night as I pranced around the kitchen the F.C. would take pictures and interview me about the recipes. I told him that I once wanted to write a sexy cookbook and he suggested I make a blog instead. As an extra push, he even bought me the domain and helped set up the blog template. That’s when “cooking for cock” was born, or re-born.


As soon as I started writing, it became clear how much cooking and love were related. (I don’t cook for people I don’t like and rarely for people I work with.) How many first dates, marriage proposals and split ups happen over a meal? Like the bedroom, the kitchen is also testground for compatibility. Many issues are revealed. My friends agreed, and every time I spoke about the blog they all had their own food/love stories to share.


I also found myself using cooking as a way to understand relationships in general; why some work and others don’t. After all, food and love are both about chemistry. Could there be a recipe for true love? (And, with the FC, had I finally found it?)


So “Cooking for Cock” isn’t just a recipe blog with a sexy spin, it’s also a diary about how food and relationships interconnect. ( “Sex & the Kitchen” anyone?)


Of course I’m terrified, since some of my stories are personal. But I guess that’s what cooking (and blogging) is all about. Taking chances. Experimenting. And serving up dishes (and posts) before they get cold.

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