With the baby due any day now (for anyone who didn’t know, I’m 38 weeks pregnant) I’m obsessed with nursery decor.  My most recent passion? Mobiles. I want one. Actually, I want to make one, but am not sure how to go about doing it.

I’ve been scouring the net for inspiration. I want something bold and sculptural; eye candy for the baby but also fetching room decor in its own right.  I love the Calderesque look, but sharp metal pieces hanging over a baby’s head seems like a bad idea.

Here’s a couple mobiles I really dig.


Exotic animals are boy-friendly and not too cutesy (unlike the numerous butterflies and birdies you see everywhere.)

Made with leather, this abstract mobile from Etsy is eye candy for grown ups. But will a baby dig it too?





One Response to “I want to be crafty: Homemade mobiles”

  1. Nicolas Antoine Says:

    A baby needs something solid. Better get a few industrial machines and go to Calder’s style. It’s an investment, but having your own homemade inox mobiles for baby, that’s priceless.

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