With fearless determination, the FC demolished the wall between the living room and kitchen in our new cottage and already we can feel the flow of space and light. Though it’s still hard to imagine the final product, we’re certainly a step closer. Besides figuring out appliance placement (a daunting Rubik’s cube) the biggest challenge is deciding whether to reuse the existing cabinets by painting them white, replacing them all with new ($$$!!) or doing some combination of the two. It’s stressing me out, that’s for sure, and the FC and I are clocking in at least one argument a day. (Amazingly, the Sunday afternoon wall demolition was stress free. I think it’s because actually doing the work is easier than thinking about the work.)


Right now, I’m most excited by the “breakfast bar” that the new opening between the living room and kitchen leaves room for. This is where all the action’s going to happen; friends (Gigi, Brent, Alexandra, Gerardo) sitting around with a cocktail in hand, watching us cook or sharing a morning coffee and a gab. It’s going to be the heart of the house and we want it to be beautiful. The counterop material, the height (counter or bar height?) and the kitchen stools (we want something vintage, not Ikea) all have to be perfect.


Here’s some inspirations I found on Apartment Therapy. (Please share any ideas you might have on the topic.)





The FC is one sexy handy man!


Ugly wall be gone!

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  1. Cesar Says:

    Yes Laura !

    It was much easier than I thought !

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