I’m often disappointed by desserts.  On display, they look so enticing with their sugary glaze glistening under halogen spotlights. Your pleasure sensors go on high alert.  Your heart races.  Temperature rises. You lick your lips. You want it. You need it. Bad.


But the truth is, most desserts are never as good as they look and rarely worth the calories ingested.  Stale, too much sugar, too much lard, you keep eating it anyway, hoping by sheer volume, it’ll deliver the goods, just like a guy you don’t really like but make out with anyway, then afterwards feel empty and unsatisfied. This is why I think it’s best to leave a disappointing sweet on the plate instead of in your stomach. (Cooking For Cock Rule # 1: Only let something into your body when you really, really dig it.  This applies to food and fellas.)


So, given my history of dessert let-downs, I was utterly taken aback and overjoyed when I bit into Cafe Souffle’s plum tart. It instantly fulfilled my deepest desires.  In their small storefront on rue Marie-Anne, co-owners Marie and Anne (yep, how perfect is that?) give this scrumptious baked good a lot of love.  Embedded like sparkling jewels in a bed of sweet soft cake, the plums impart the perfect balance of sour and sweet. I felt the same way about the FC when we first locked lips — he’s just got what I like.  When he’s not around, I think about him, just like I’ve fantasized about this plum tart almost everyday since I first had it.


Pick this tart up for a picnic treat on your way to Parc Jeanne Mance or as a special dessert surprise for the current rooster on your roster. (And if the dude disappoints, at least you know this tart won’t.)



The F.C. Almost as good as Cafe Souffle's plum tart.

The F.C. Almost as good as Cafe Souffle's plum tart.




2 Responses to “Like a boy you adore, a good dessert should taste right from the very first bite”

  1. FC Says:

    I think to love a chocolate cake at the first bite — yes, i can do it. The first bite with a girl is also easily enjoyable i think… The main problem is when you have to eat the same chocolate cake every day for 20 years! But i still think i can do it…

  2. laura Says:

    Just 20?

    Still, the FC has a point. It’s not always easy eating the same cake everyday. That’s why it’s important to play with the recipe. Like by adding cherries to the cake. Or even bacon.

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