In “Love: A Din­ner Story” my friend Eilidh men­tions a grilled polenta dish that won over her veg­e­tar­ian musi­cian boyfriend Noah. Since she didn’t pro­vide the recipe (bad girl!) I decided to impro­vise a ver­sion for myself. And I’m glad I did! Grilled polenta has a gourmet vibe, yet it’s so easy to pre­pare.  It’s also a great way to use up all those sea­sonal pep­pers that are so cheap right now.   You can also impro­vise by adding what­ever veg­gies you have on hand (I made it a sec­ond time with mush­rooms and baked egg­plant slices, which was also yummy) .  Cheeses can also be var­ied as well as herbs (I had fresh basil on my ter­race so that was an easy choice, but corian­der could be nice too.)  I’m def­i­nitely going to start keep­ing a polenta tube in my fridge or maybe, if I’m more ambi­tious, start mak­ing polenta from scratch.  Instead of bar­bue­ing the polenta, you can also pan fry it.


Pre­made polenta roll, sliced in six 1/2  inch slices 

2 yel­low peppers

8 cherry tomo­toes, halved or quartered

hand­ful chopped basil

parme­san, two tablespoons

1 table­spoon feta (optional)

1–2 table­spoons pine nuts, toasted lightly on the stove in a pan (optional, I know they’re pricey)

2–3 table­spoons olive oil for the marinades

gar­lic, three cloves chopped]

a driz­zle of bal­samic on plate to finish




1. Coat sliced polenta in olive oil and garlic.

2. Slice pep­pers in large pieces, toss in 1 table­spoon of olive oil and one clove of chopped gar­lic. Grill on medium-high until black­ened and soft. Remove and return to olive oil and gar­lic mari­nade. Let cool, peel off black bits and chop. Add to tomato, basil, pine nuts, gar­lic and feta.

3. Grill polenta slices for four-six min­utes per side or until brown­ing and crispy on out­side.  Return to olive oil and gar­lic plate briefly to pick up flavours of mari­nade when hot.  Place on serv­ing plate (3 per plate).  Sprin­kle  polenta with parme­san. Top with rel­ish.  Driz­zle with vine­graite or just bal­samic if you want to avoid extra oil.

If you pre-make a rel­ish at home — or even bring some­thing store­bought —  this would be a great camp­ing dish (as Eilidh proved on her first camp­ing date with her true love.)

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