Today the FC and I woke up starving and the first thing on my mind was
pancakes. The recipe from Smitten Kitchen which I followed two weeks ago was so
terrific it was time for round two.  This time I halved the recipe (the last
batch fed an army) and it worked out perfectly for two hungry lovers (plus 1 and
1/2 cups  of buttermilk was all I had left in the carton from last time!!)

Wanting a new twist, I swapped out the blueberries and added three thin slices
of banana on each pancake, adding them during the cooking process, not in the
batter. (Note: If you cover up the banana with an additional drop of batter, the
cake flips better (otherwise, the fruit really does stick and scorch, especially
berries.)   Keep in mind that once the pancake is flipped the cooking time is
next to nothing (especially if you keep your pancakes small– mine are about
9-10 centimeters tops.) A minute and half if that.

For garnish, I skipped the lemon ricotta mixture that made the blueberries sing
last time and used a simple vanilla yogurt with additional sliced bananas.  Hot
from the pan with a drizzle of maple syrup, these pancakes couldn’t have been
better. Did it top the blueberries last week? Hmmm. I really do love bananas in
my pancakes, so I think I’d have to say “yes!”

In fact, the pancakes were so distractingly good I didn’t take a picture. (I’ve
also learned that when food blogging, sometimes you have to stop documenting and
just enjoy the meal. It’s also better for the relationship. Right FC?)

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