On the topic of getting older, my Dad (aka “Dick” ) used to joke, “Let’s just say I’m not buying any more green bananas.”


Does this apply to men too? Right now, I’m at a point in my life where many of the single men I meet are younger, including The French Cock. But what can you do with a green banana?


When I looked up bananas on the Net,  under the heading, “banana selection and storage” one article said to “Base your choice of bananas depending upon when you want to consume them.”


When do I want to eat this banana? I seem to be enjoying him right now. Good flavours. Sweet. Nice texture. Perfect size. But am I getting the full antioxidants of a ripe banana? Is he ready for the things I”m ready for, in fact, long overdue for, it not too late for? 


For quick ripening, one article suggests putting your green bananas in a brown paper bag. Will that work with a person? Or do you have put in air holes?


But wait a sec– can’t a green banana be good on its own terms? 


When I looked up green banana recipes on the net I found many recipes ( looked good)  mostly for the plaintain, which “can be enjoyed at all stages of ripeness”.  Even more interesting, one article said that bananas are better for cooking when they are underripe since they maintain their consistency.


And it’s true, the FC has already proven solid under a many heated situations, including an overflowing toilet, minor health scare (I have one a week) continuous references to my biological clock, and an ex-boyfriend in Toronto who I still love. 


This green banana also introduced me to his family within the first month of knowing him. Celebrates anniversaries. Plays tennis gracefully. Isn’t clingy. Holds down a 9-5 job. Can talk about marriage and kids without blanching.  Encouraged me to start a blog (even bought me the domain name as a push).  Is into real estate. And the kicker? He’s taking me to the south of France this summer for a friend’s wedding. How much more proof do I need?


Photo kindly taken for me by Joey Bangsund



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