After reading yesterday’s post, Preserving the Relationship: A Jam Love Story,  you may think I’m a little crazy when it comes to jam.  But apparently, I’m not the only one.

Elizabeth MacKenzie, my new colleague on Producing Parker,  told me that she once prolonged dating a guy she didn’t even like just for his mother’s rhubarb ginger jam.   She stayed by her man because she couldn’t give up the jam.

So here’s a little advice for all those single guy gourmands looking to cook their way into a chick’s heart.  Forget the big three course dinners on the roof by candlelight  (J.F., you know what I’m talking about…)  Just make her, or buy her,  some quality jam.

Like a pimp to his crack whore, keep her hooked, and she might just stick around.



Elizabeth gets her hit of MacKay's rhubarb ginger jam (which, she says, isn't nearly as good as the original.)

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