Due to the French Cutiepie’s blatant disregard for a warning message from my host, cookingforcock is experiencing technical difficulties. The last two months of posts and recipes have either been lost or compromised (no photos, comments missing from posts, formatting gone, and my precious list of subscribers vaporized.)


The French Cutiepie is trying to fix the situation but the timing couldn’t be worse (the roof on our new coachhouse is leaking and my Producing Parker Season Two script deadlines are suddenly overwhelming.)


So many recipes to share, so many stories to recount… Be patient and I’ll have you up to date soon enough.


In the mean time, my friend Brent (and cfc contributor) shared this link with me. Pies in a jar! What a great idea.

4 Responses to “Technical Difficulties…”

  1. Peter Sloan Says:

    With so many cyber warnings,error messages and all that overwhelming barrage of life threatening, make or break “you have x amount of days to renew” type messages out there, its easy to blatantly disregard things. It teaches us to disregard everything so we can have some peace of mind. That strategy doesn’t work though ,does it?

  2. Margo Says:

    baaah! retrograde!
    in l.a and cant stop eating mexican.
    habanero cream salsa.. HOT!
    fish taco heaven.
    and although i wouldnt dare touch this one, most seem addicted to the beef & pickle tacos from Malo in Silver Lake.
    Excited to eat a crsipy kale dish from much recommended hotspot Elf.

    good luck with all the fix its!!

  3. laura Says:

    Elf! I love how a word that is also the title of a Will Ferrell Christmas movie can suddenly become hip & enigmatic.

  4. laura Says:

    Yeah Peter, you nailed it.
    Software update messages are another example. (Update? Can’t I just stay the same?) You think you’re being sold on some unnecessary change or “improvement” (that’s capitalism) then they screw you. How can we learn to identify the warnings that really count?

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