After reading Reciprocating For Cock,  one reader said she was fed up wasting her culinary artistry on unworthy cock. So she’s decided to stop cooking for cock. No more breakfasts for one night stands. No more second date gourmet dinners.  She said, “Holding back on cooking is what holding out on homebase was 20 years ago. It’s the New Abstinence.”


Interesting idea. Does that mean she’s going to become a cook-tease?  You know, talking about all the great meals she’s made for other people. “Oh, you should have tried the cornmeal-crusted rack of lamb I made last night. Divine!” and “This triple layer chocolate cake cooling on my counter?  It’s for a friend– Don’t touch! ” and “Yeah, some people call me a culinary magician. I don’t disagree– So, where are you taking me for dinner tonight?” 


But I still say that’s only going to work for so long before you have to “put out.”   People who want love in their life usually want food too.

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