Maybe we need to call a psychic or just flip a coin, but the FC and I are stumped about what material to use for our kitchen counter. (Yes, after living here a full month, we still don’t have one.) Having ruled out granite, concrete and tile, we’re finally down to white quartz or wood. Everyone has a different opinion. Both cost the same. The wood counter will be custom made by a carpenter that my friend knows, so it won’t look Ikea-ish, it’ll be wide-planked and (we think) dark stained. Romantic, cottage-y. But the white quartz will be light and airy and go with my mid-century modern teak dining room table. Which is the best choice? We keep vacilliating. All the while, I have a sorry looking piece of MDF getting more stained with every hour.

It’s time for action, choices, momentum. Or maybe just another cup of tea…

Wood will work with our sink and tap, which are similar to the above.

This kitchen uses the backsplash to break up the all white, something we could try with our white tile (already purchased.) Also like rustic stools in front. White goes with everything!

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  1. alex Says:

    WOOD !!!!!!!

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