My colleague Natalie, a Montreal TV producer who’s been married for almost twenty years told me her recipe for finding lasting love with a man. “You need a solid foundation of love and respect. Oh yeah, and you need to find him hot.”


This wisdom shook me to my core. Why? Because it’s so obvious and true and sometimes the obvious and true is easy to miss. Finding your guy “hot” is a major ingredient in the recipe for love. It may be your man’s nose, his hair, his wicked smile or his sense of humour. Whatever he’s got, it has to make your heart flutter and your ovaries jingle.  If you don’t find your boyfriend hot, it’s not going to work. Period.


To me, the French Cock is the hottest man in the world.  When I ask the FC why other girls aren’t throwing themselves at him all the time he just smiles. He says he’s hot because I find him hot.


But the FC isn’t just being humble, he’s also right: telling a guy he’s hot can make him even hotter.  It’s like throwing his ego on the grill, or a quick pan fry of his pride. But be careful,  too many compliments and he may just burst into flames.


Even when the FC isn’t looking so hot, I know a few things that’ll quickly bring him back up to a boil, like his American Apparel deep V T-shirt in turquoise, his brown cargo shorts from Old Navy, and the pink girl’s sunglasses I bought for five bucks in Kensington Market and which he totally rocks. 


Unfortunately, men you find hot aren’t in every grocery store. It takes a bit of searching and a lot of luck. I found mine at a party that I didn’t even want to go to and I am eternally grateful to the Gods of Love who put him in my path (right by the window, smoking a cigarette, wearing a pink shirt and silver tie…)


So, to pay tribute to the FC’s hotness, I’m going to feature some of his most adorable photos.   I’m also going to show him this tribute when he gets home from work and he’s going to get so hot I’ll need ovenmits and a pair tongues to handle him.


The FC rocks the Deep V

The turquoise Deep V always brings the FC back up to a boil.


Mathew McAughney dead ringer?

Mathew McConaughey dead ringer? Hot.



Pink sunglasses plus Deep V equals HOT!


FC even looks hot in a dorky hat.

The FC even looks hot in a dorky hat.

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  1. Shannon Says:

    I love your blog. Found you through a comment on Pink of Perfection. you and your french cock are totally cute!

  2. Cesar Says:

    Crazy !

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