Last night, while making pasta, the F.C. sprung the idea of us living together. Another reason to cook. It’s always there for you in a crisis. You can chop and boil and act preoccupied as your insides start fluttering with confusion. I was completely floored.


I was making a simple pasta dish;  using jarred sauce and fried zucchini.  It’s a comforting no-fuss meal I usually cook for myself and/or someone I don’t need to impress. In other words, perfect living-together fare. And last night, it tasted better then ever.


As we ate, my mind flooded with questions. Was he serious? I can’t believe he’s even proposing it! That’s great. That’s terrible! Is it too soon to be shacking up? What about our age difference? And my ex in Toronto who still loves me? What should I say? Is there a recipe to follow?


I don’t know the answers. But I do know I‘ll be making this pasta dish again soon. It’s really deelish.


Living Together Pasta






Half jar of your favourite pasta sauce (I used Master’s Choice house brand, Garlic and Mushroom)
Two-three medium sized zucchini, sliced in quarter inch thick half moons.
Spagetti (enough for three-four servings, enouhg for lunch the next day.)
Olive Oil
Garlic, two cloves

Two tablespoons grated parmesan.




1. Cook pasta per directions on package.

2. Meawhile,  heat olive oil in pan. Add sliced zucchini and brown on both sides, about three-four minutes per side.

3. When pasta is ready, drain and return to pot, mixing in a cup of the tomato sauce. (Don’t drown the pasta in sauce, just enough for a nice coating.)

4. Place fried zuchinni on top. Sprinkle with grated parmesan.


Serve with Garlic bread on the side (Optional).

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