Just like dating, cooking is about experimenting;  trying a new dish, failing and (hopefully) learning as you go. Here’s what I learned trying to bake chocolate cherry cupcakes for my special anniversary dinner with the F.C. 



1. Don’t let your cupcakes be cuter than you. Because I was so rushed, shopping for both the main course dinner and figuring out the cupcake recipe, by the time the French cock got to my place for dinner, I looked like hell. No pretty dress. No make-up, just a harried look at my face. My apartment was equally unappetizing. No candles. No music. Recipe print-outs and food everywhere. Hardly a venue for a romantic dinner for two. 



2. Don’t try to reinvent the cupcake. Because I wanted to use fresh cherries, and most of the cupcake recipes I found on the Net called for cherry jam (like Nigella’s famous one) I was determined to improvise. But after much mixing and matching when my cupcakes were finally done they weren’t nearly sweet enough, and the cream cheese icing I “cherry-picked” failed to impress the FC who doesn’t believe in mixing cheese with chocolate (and I think I agree.) 



3. Two people do not need to eat 12 cupcakes unless they have a co-dependent eating disorder or the metabolism of a 12 year old boy. Stupidly, I kept test-tasting my cupcakes, as though with each bite the cupcakes would get better (just like the ex boyfriend I keep going back to.) They didn’t. Then I felt nauseous and bloated from eating so many. My cock, who’s passion for chocolate knows no know bounds, ate seven, un-iced, which can’t be very good for him either.



4. Always let your cock eat your cherry. My cock accidentally ate my reserved cherries for garnish, causing me to bark at him— not a very romantic anniversary gesture.  



Always let your cock eat your cherry.


The “Eat My Cherry”  Chocolate Cupcake


Though my French Cock (kindly) said he loved these cupcakes as I originally made them — he ate seven – I going to make the necessary “corrections” to help this sultry cupcake live up to its true potential. I’ll post the recipe when it’s done, so stay tuned.


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