The F.C. is crazy about chocolate.  The F.C. loves chocolate more than any of my most ardent chocolate-loving girlfriends. Some days I think the F.C. loves chocolate more than me. It’s an addiction.  He’ll do anything for a hit. And he’s selfish too. If I buy one bar for us to share, he’ll eat the whole thing without a trace of remorse.  If I take it away from him, he’ll pout like a girl. He also reaches for it when he’s in a funk.  I think it might even by cyclical. Shit–  Does the F.C. have PMS??!


But I’ve decided to accept his feminine predilection for chocolate because I know it’s this same side that makes him enjoy sappy movies (he teared up at The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants)  and say things like,  “We are so lucky to be with each other,’  and carry my purse  (he says it’s just to help me).


So to honour the girl in the man,  and also our anniversary (he’s the one counting the days)  I going to make a special chocolate treat, because real men are complex romantic creatures who deserve to have PMS too.

3 Responses to “Real Men Eat Chocolate”

  1. Mao Says:

    Did the FC tell you he cried in front of Coyote Ugly but had to hide himself because his girl roomates were not really ready to cry… :o)

  2. Gerardo Says:

    He is definitely crazy about chocolate. Happy to know I am not the only one who is aware of this.

    I don’t think I will ever meet another friend that every time he is at my house, he cannot leave without me giving him a chocolate (he calls it ‘Le Cadeau’).

  3. emma Says:

    lol….so true! this kid tried to hustle me out of my easter chocolate…when it comes to chocolate, he is ruthless! but that’s ok, power to chocolate lover’s everywhere, at least that’s an obsession i can relate to 🙂

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