Now is the time to stock up on the best Canadian condiment of all time. Maple syrup! A 500 ml can is now available in numerous fruiteries and grocery stories for only $6.99!!! Act now. In a few months they’ll climb back up to $10.99.


I love maple syrup in just about anything (salad dressing, as a glaze for salmon or pork, drizzled over granola and yogurt, or with fresh bananas and nutmeg, on crepes, pancakes and French toast, in a mohito, and sometimes, just by the spoonful). Obviously, I need to have a lot on hand and I actually start to get anxious when I’m running low.


I even love the can. (During my last trip to NYC, I visited a gift shop where they recycled Canadian maple syrup cans to make a candle holder — and it wasn’t cheap.) I’m thinking of giving some cans as Christmas presents for the FC’s family next year (my maple-glazed pork roast was downright exotic to them.)


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