The Ikea cab­i­nets are offi­cially pur­chased, and I’ve got the hefty bill to prove it. (Even with the 15 per­cent gift card rebate, it’s a big num­ber to swal­low.) I’m still very ner­vous about the choice. When surf­ing the net, look­ing for reas­sur­ance, I found a few design lay­outs using the Ikea Lidingo that turned my stom­ach. Awful, awful.… But I know design works in com­bi­na­tion; a few good choices can set some­thing off beau­ti­fully, a few bad ones can destroy a look com­pletely. (Just like fash­ion. The same skirt on two dif­fer­ent girls can look totally dif­fer­ent.) I just have to believe we’re going to rock this style, no mat­ter what.


It’s also a learn­ing expe­ri­ence. Maybe on our next house, we’ll have all the con­tacts and know-how to inves­ti­gate other options. We’ll also be con­fi­dent enough to try a craftier, more recy­cled approach to kitchen design. Or maybe we’ll do exactly the same thing because we know it works smash­ingly well. We’ll see! But choices move us for­ward, that’s why we have to make them.


Next big deci­sion? Coun­ter­top sur­face. (The coun­ter­tops weren’t part of the Ikea sale so we’re shop­ping around for good deals and good ideas.) We can do wood (cheaper, some­thing with a dark stain to play off the white cab­i­nets.) Or stone. (The FC has a lead on a place for gran­ite at a good price.) We could also con­sider a white tiled coun­ter­top, which would be very thrifty. As always, any good ideas or con­tacts welcome.


Dark wood sets off white cab­i­nets beau­ti­fully and also reflects light. Love the light fix­tures and vin­tage white stools.


White tiled coun­ter­top has a homey, coun­try style vibe and is eas­ier on the wal­let. The rounded wood edge gives def­i­n­i­tion between the white tiles and white cab­i­net base. It also picks up the wood door han­dles. But maybe this look is a lit­tle too coun­try for me.


Stone is costly, but durable and gor­geous. Love the gray and black speck­led stone. It’s a softer look than using black stone, which we’re considering.


Unin­spir­ing use of Lidingo. But maybe that’s the icky light fixture’s fault. I also don’t like the coun­ter­top colour, or the microwave and stove area. We chose a sleek fan and a stove with the con­trols on the front. Both would help this kitchen con­sid­er­ably. Right now, it’s just over­stuffed with cab­i­netry. Noth­ing breathes.


5 Responses to “Countertop Crisis — Trying to stay in budget”

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    laura Says:

    I also don’t like the han­dle choices in the last photo. I think knobs look bet­ter on the Lidingo style wall cab­i­nets (pulls on the bot­tom.) On a pos­i­tive note, I do like the gray sub­way tile back­splash. We’re strongly con­sid­er­ing a sub­way tile splash in ours, though my friend Brent has some rad­i­cal other ideas, which include the use of old leather???

  2. 2
    Peter Sloan Says:

    Hey, the leather back­splash idea intrigues me.
    I have some old pieces of veg. tan tool leather lying around. It can be stained in any colour and waxed to be made water­proof. I can envi­sion a pat­tern made of card­board, the leather pieces skived and sewn together with har­ness stitch­ing, ( I took a course once), and finally tacked up in place with taste­ful thin strips of wood mold­ing. Has Brent actu­ally seen this, or is it just a zany idea?
    If you know any pot­ters in the area, maybe you could get them to make you some cus­tom tiles. (I took a course once) I few difer­ent ones to accent here and there with your own designs might be nice.I may be doing some reno’s myself so I’ll be check­ing in reg­u­larly. What fun!

  3. 3
    Margo Says:

    totally off topic, but i know you’re gonna love these if you havn’t already some across them in your searches.
    bot­tle table lamps. fix­tures pur­chasable through ama­zon.
    bot­toms up!

  4. 4
    Margo Says:

    turns out they have some ideas about coun­ter­tops too..

  5. 5
    Laura Says:

    Peter, the tool leather could be cool. Could it be stained white? Brent was think­ing of cov­er­ing over with glass, in fact. Due to delays in the house, we’re just get­ting to these details now, or rather, when I return from France. Turns out our roof/inner ceil­ing was a for­mer pigeon house, with piles upons piles of poop! Demo­li­tion nec­es­sary.. But we did get a new cathe­dral ceil­ing out of the deal (the old ceil­ing height was only 8ft. So that’s some­thing. Will try to blog more on the topic when I’m not ren­o­vat­ing and/or work­ing so hard to pay for the reno!!!

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