The Ikea cabinets are officially purchased, and I’ve got the hefty bill to prove it. (Even with the 15 percent gift card rebate, it’s a big number to swallow.) I’m still very nervous about the choice. When surfing the net, looking for reassurance, I found a few design layouts using the Ikea Lidingo that turned my stomach. Awful, awful…. But I know design works in combination; a few good choices can set something off beautifully, a few bad ones can destroy a look completely. (Just like fashion. The same skirt on two different girls can look totally different.) I just have to believe we’re going to rock this style, no matter what.


It’s also a learning experience. Maybe on our next house, we’ll have all the contacts and know-how to investigate other options. We’ll also be confident enough to try a craftier, more recycled approach to kitchen design. Or maybe we’ll do exactly the same thing because we know it works smashingly well. We’ll see! But choices move us forward, that’s why we have to make them.


Next big decision? Countertop surface. (The countertops weren’t part of the Ikea sale so we’re shopping around for good deals and good ideas.) We can do wood (cheaper, something with a dark stain to play off the white cabinets.) Or stone. (The FC has a lead on a place for granite at a good price.) We could also consider a white tiled countertop, which would be very thrifty. As always, any good ideas or contacts welcome.


Dark wood sets off white cabinets beautifully and also reflects light. Love the light fixtures and vintage white stools.


White tiled countertop has a homey, country style vibe and is easier on the wallet. The rounded wood edge gives definition between the white tiles and white cabinet base. It also picks up the wood door handles. But maybe this look is a little too country for me.


Stone is costly, but durable and gorgeous. Love the gray and black speckled stone. It's a softer look than using black stone, which we're considering.


Uninspiring use of Lidingo. But maybe that's the icky light fixture's fault. I also don't like the countertop colour, or the microwave and stove area. We chose a sleek fan and a stove with the controls on the front. Both would help this kitchen considerably. Right now, it's just overstuffed with cabinetry. Nothing breathes.


5 Responses to “Countertop Crisis – Trying to stay in budget”

  1. laura Says:

    I also don’t like the handle choices in the last photo. I think knobs look better on the Lidingo style wall cabinets (pulls on the bottom.) On a positive note, I do like the gray subway tile backsplash. We’re strongly considering a subway tile splash in ours, though my friend Brent has some radical other ideas, which include the use of old leather???

  2. Peter Sloan Says:

    Hey, the leather backsplash idea intrigues me.
    I have some old pieces of veg. tan tool leather lying around. It can be stained in any colour and waxed to be made waterproof. I can envision a pattern made of cardboard, the leather pieces skived and sewn together with harness stitching, ( I took a course once), and finally tacked up in place with tasteful thin strips of wood molding. Has Brent actually seen this, or is it just a zany idea?
    If you know any potters in the area, maybe you could get them to make you some custom tiles. (I took a course once) I few diferent ones to accent here and there with your own designs might be nice.I may be doing some reno’s myself so I’ll be checking in regularly. What fun!

  3. Margo Says:

    totally off topic, but i know you’re gonna love these if you havn’t already some across them in your searches.
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    bottoms up!

  4. Margo Says:

    turns out they have some ideas about countertops too..

  5. Laura Says:

    Peter, the tool leather could be cool. Could it be stained white? Brent was thinking of covering over with glass, in fact. Due to delays in the house, we’re just getting to these details now, or rather, when I return from France. Turns out our roof/inner ceiling was a former pigeon house, with piles upons piles of poop! Demolition necessary.. But we did get a new cathedral ceiling out of the deal (the old ceiling height was only 8ft. So that’s something. Will try to blog more on the topic when I’m not renovating and/or working so hard to pay for the reno!!!

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