Since giving up coffee, I’m all about teas, and my collection is growing steadily. In addition to my organic peppermint and rooibos with almond, I’ve acquired a lovely green tea with rose and cherry, as well as a fruity green rooibos with mango and papaya that my friend Gaetano brought over the other day as a gift. Maybe that’s why I was so drawn to this DIY “tea shelf” on DesignSponge. I hope the new kitchen we’re planning will still leave enough room for little homespun details like this.



One Response to “Kitchen Details — Tea shelf”

  1. Catherine Says:

    love the tea shelf Laura – i think your handy – man can certainly handle that – hehe!
    would be great for spices too – like all your chai spices – have you ever made home-chai? the best !

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