The FC posted the old cabinets from the house we’re renovating on Kijiji (for free) and a friendly pothead with a cute white dog came by last night to take them away. I hope it wasn’t a mistake letting them go.  (Judging from all the DIY blogs I’ve been scouring, it’s truly amazing how a coat of white paint can completely revive a set of sad-looking cabinets.) My bohemiam frugal self never likes to waste money, or worse, be unoriginal. Let’s hope springing for new Ikea cabinets proves to be the right choice.


Farewell old cupboards. I hope I don't miss you. (They were hideous and not worth saving, right?)


Next salvage question? The wood floors.  To keep or replace?  Given that we’re buying a new kitchen, I think conserving money (and the environment) on the floors is a good idea. They’re solid maple, and with a bit of love they could be beautiful. We’ll see how this decision shakes down.  My main goal is to be creative and thrifty, but not shabby (a fine line!) I also don’t want this project to bring any financial regrets into my otherwise perfect relationship. Boy, do the stakes feel high!


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