The Christmas holidays don’t just sneak up on you, they leap out of the bushes
and hold a knife to your throat, urging you to get busy shopping, spending,
overeating and making travel plans to wherever the hell you’re supposed to be
celebrating. This season the FC and I are going to the French Alps with his
family, which sounds oh so romantic and wonderful except for the fact that I
just found out I can’t ski for two weeks due to a tiny sports injury so I”ll be
stuck in the chalet for most of the trip staring at the snow while the FC hits
the hills with his cousin. Sounds fun, huh?


The sad truth is, holidays happen even when your life isn’t ready for them.
That’s how I’m feeling today. Harried and stressed and fat and very bah
humbuggy. I didn’t even have time to bake Christmas cookies (I bought the cutest
cookie tins just for this purpose) or throw a cocktail party for my friend
Brent, or blog about mulled cider and other delicious holiday drinkables.


Okay, I know what you’re thinking: “Boo hooh, you’re going to the French Alps.
Boo hooh, no Christmas cookies and cocktail parties. Boo hooh, you have a cute
French boyfriend. Stuff a Christmas sock in it sister, will ya?!!! Life could be
much, much worse.”  And I know you’re right. I should stop complaining. It’s
just today, I don’t feel like going on a holiday.  All I want to do is lie under
the covers and cry because life isn’t always a bowl of buttermilk pancake batter
and cooking isn’t always the cure for what ails you.


That said, here’s the Christmas cookie recipe I wanted to make. It’s from
Nigella Christmas.  If I can’t inspire holiday cheer, maybe somebody else can
do it for me. Please try the cookies and let me know how they turn out. (Gigi,
Brent. Alexandra?) The cookies are supposed to be gorgeous.


Let Nigella pack on the pounds (there's like a pound of butter in these cookies!) No, I'm going to lose weight this Christmas.

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