In Montreal, there’s something called the Seasonal Relationship Theory (SRT for short.) According to the theory, couples tend to hook up in the winter and break up in the spring. And it’s true. Montreal winters are definitely the time for romance.  The snow-covered streets sparkle in the sunshine. At night, windows glow with warm light. Though we’re all covered up in lumpy shapeless coats and silly toques, there’s a lusty fire in our hearts. We want, nay, we need, to meet a warm special someone to snuggle up with on those cruel minus twenty nights. It’s a question of survival!


Despite the cold, I love the winter season. I especially love ice staking in Parc La Fontaine and the Belgian hot chocolate at Au Festin de Babette.


I also love winter because that’s when I met the FC. He was my Christmas present from the gods. Together, we kept winter warm. And luckily we decided not to break up in the spring.

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