I’ve been to Ikea so many times I’m turning into a Swedish meatball.


When we couldn’t find the Shaker style cabinet I’d been admiring from Rona (they have a 6-8 week order period) once again, Ikea proved to be our best option. But I was nervous. The more I looked at Ikea, the more it all seemed the same. And I didn’t want a kitchen out of a can or feel like I was living in Ed Norton’s apartment in Fight Club. Though clean lines and a high gloss modern style used to feel right to me, finding true love has made me more romantic and I want that vibe for our new coachhouse.


For me, the best way to avoid the Ikea cookie cutter was to go with the white Akurum Lidingo. If you choose some of the narrower width cupboards, in the tall format (39 inches) you achieve the same kind of effect, despite the slightly raised moulded centre. This look should pair well with various modern and vintage non-Ikea accents (for which we’ve left plenty of room ) and also our sleek stainless steel kitchen fan. (More on this skin-saving miracle later.)


Choosing Ikea cabinets also means that when we’re feeling flush and want to add a new element (like a pull-out track for the garbage under the sink or a lazy Suzan for the corner cabinet) they’re always in stock.


Here’s the cabinet style.


Ikea cabinet door, "lidingo" style.


Here’s a few other inspirational photos I found from Ikeafan.com and Southern Kitchens.


I like the blue element here. It reminds me of the FC's parents' kitchen in France.


Good example of how painting the inside of a cabinet can change the look. (Though can you paint the inside of an Ikea cabinet?)


I like the chandeliers and stools. Another example of how stunning a narrower cabinet can look.


Butterfly backsplash makes the modern flat white cabinet (which I'm not going with) seem less generic.


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