Here’s the kitchen cabinet layout the FC created using the Ikea software.



The total cost is a bit higher than we hoped, so we’re wondering if we should trim back or stick. ¬†Options for reducing include; 1. getting rid of the corner cabinet on the upper right and replacing it with some sort of custom bookshelf we make ourselves, and 2. removing the cabinets above the fridge. The latter is a key question because we want the fridge to feel connected to the kitchen. Without that white cabinet linking it into the scheme, will the fridge stick out like a stainless steel-clad sore thumb? And if we do lose the fridge cabinets, what do we do with the space on top of the fridge? Any ideas? It’s important because this is the view one sees looking into the kitchen from the living room. (See below.)



Designing a kitchen scheme is almost as hard as writing screenplays!


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