I have big news. The FC moved in with me. He’d mentioned the idea about a month ago (see Mi Pasta, Tu Pasta) but I wasn’t sure. Yes, I was thrilled he would even entertain the notion (it meant he was serious about us) but I still had questions.


When I told him, “It’s a big decision” he smiled and replied in his adorable French accent, “Laura, I am already leeving ‘ere.” (Since we met, we’d spent almost every night together.) He also said he’d rather pay me rent than his landlord. Both good points, yet still I wavered. I said we should wait until after our trip to France– and I guess he took me at my word because when the FC returned to Canada (several days before me) he immediately started moving in his stuff. He also put some rent money under my pillow saying “the tooth mouse” had visited  (yeah, in France, it’s a mouse.)





I have to admit, it’s exciting talking about dressers and closet space and trips to Ikea. There’s a new energy. A sense of possibility. We’re making a go of it and I’m happy. It’s what I want, and the FC knew that.


I think that’s why he’s such a good match for me. I may be the chef in the kitchen, but he’s the chef of the relationship. He cuts through my Libran fear and indecision with reason, humour and action. He keeps us moving forward, and he knows a thing or two about love and what to do when you find it.


So maybe I’ll just follow his recipe.


The FC’s Recipe for Living Together




1 practical boy who knows what he wants.
1 flip-floppity chick with more questions than answers
1 apartment belonging to flip-floppity chick




1. To avoid girl changing her mind, boy moves stuff into apartment when girl’s still in Europe
2. Since there’s no room in the closet, leave stuff on the floor in a big messy pile.
3. When girl comes home, pick her at airport with a big smile and kiss.
4. That night, don’t let her cook, take her out for sushi instead because you know she likes it.
5. Have passionate sex. (This will keep her from noticing big messy pile of stuff on floor.)
6. When girl falls asleep, put rent money under her pillow and in the morning tell her “the tooth mouse” has visited. (This means you avoid awkwardness of money changing hands, which is not very romantic.)
7. Enjoy your accomplishment while planning next relationship adventure.

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