My friend Eilidh, a BC costume designer and cooking for cock pioneer, has taught me a thing or two about both boys and food.  She finally put her cute little fingers to the keyboard and wrote the following food/love story.   (Readers, feel free to send me your own food/love stories too. Romances, cautionary tales, tragedies and comedies welcome. We’ll gobble them up, I promise.)



I’m not saying food likes and dislikes are a 100% reliable barometer on a guy, but they definitely can offer some insight into the way he thinks about relationships.


CALLUM ate fast food because he was always busy working and did not have time for much else.  I fit into his schedule the same way that Vera’s Burgers did, in between, when it was convenient. Our dates left me with guilt-hangovers. I knew I deserved something more nutritious.


OLAF was 10 years older than me, which lead me to believe he was mature. He had a discourteous habit of reminiscing about previous girlfriends or checking out chicks while he was with me. I once bumped into him as I was walking past the Memphis Grill patio. He was elbows deep in sauce-soaked meat, pulled pork I believe. The over-indulgence of his massive meat plate flashed Neanderthal visions in my mind, which cured me of any remaining romantic notions I once had for him.


GUS was charming. We had a steamy start. It was going well until one night I invited him over for dinner. Instead of the delight I expected to hear from the other end of the phone, there was silence followed by a very apprehensive, “What are you making?” The silence sounded an alarm. Turned out Gus’s favorite food was pepperoni pizza and had been for at least a decade or more. I thought I could help him develop his tastes… It was a lost cause. I tried to make plainly flavored food, which made me miserable and was never appreciated anyway.  One night I told him about my off the deep-end ex who had just reappeared & was causing me problems. I thought Gus might rise to the occasion and offer some support. Instead, he split instantly. He wanted his life simple without complications or unexpected twists; like pepperoni pizza.


NOAH and I met at The Libra Room as a bluesy folk band played. If  it weren’t for my experience with the culinary-challenged Gus, I may have by-passed him all together.


Our conversation flowed like our drinks and suddenly the bar was closing. We had our first date at a Mexican restaurant called Lolita’s. That is when the V-word surfaced. He is a hardcore vegetarian, a first for me. I like to share plates. I realized I’d have to order separately or convert to his limiting palate. I was unsure if he was worth the trade off. Still his gentlemanly manner continued to intrigue me and slowly I became hooked on his sweetness and the way he constantly morphed from geek to hotty.  We took an impromptu camping trip early on in the relationship. I combed my fridge & pantry for camping food. He picked me up in his Subaru wagon packed full of gear, the tent, mattress, stove etc. We headed for the mountainous town of Squamish. By the time we set-up camp it was dark. We made a fire & on it I fried polenta with a tomato-eggplant sauce accompanied by a simple salad. It was pretty superb & he was truly impressed. The stars were bright and we were satiated with booze and delicious food. I realized that though he was a strict vegetarian he was open to flavour and trying new dishes. That night his simple tent was a palace & I knew it wasn’t another throwaway relationship.


My love still raves about that dinner.



Eilidh d Noah (the hottie musician she snagged with her bbqed polenta.)

Eilidh and Noah, the hottie musician she snagged with her barbecued polenta. Check out Noah's band Queso Blanco at


Couples who camp together....

Just like the FC and me, Eilidh and her man like to cook with fire.

Bears like good food too.

Bears like good food too.


Camping breakfast table.  Eilidh's morning menu was pancakes. Way to camp Eilidh!

Eilidh's morning camping menu included pancakes. Way to camp Eilidh!

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