Radishes are the new roses. Carrots kick carnation butt. And who needs blossoms when there’s beautiful beets on the table (the leaves are edible too….)


Giving a lady a bouquet of fresh flowers is a standard courtship ritual.  But next time, why not ask for a bouquet of fresh veggies instead? Pretty to look at, healthy to eat and almost as costly as fresh flowers.  (Those organic carrots from the farmer’s market cost 4 bucks a bunch!)


Produce is the ecological, recession-friendly way to show he cares. (Even better, he gets to eat them too.)

One Response to “Forget flowers, fresh produce is what women really want”

  1. laura Says:

    Graciously modeling for the photo are Yoojung Kim and Anton Nazarko, the hottest Montreal couple going. Graphic designers, photographers, clothing makers and students of all things beautiful, I hope these two will model again for me soon.

    Check out Yoojung’s blog, for a well-curated tour of the season’s hottest purses.

    For a window into Anton’s work and ventures, see

    Don’t they make veggies look so sexy?

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